2018 Lighting Trends

Lighting is one of the most important elements in kitchen design. The combination of ambient (or general) lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting help accentuate all the other design elements in the room like cabinetry, countertops, and décor.

We are going to talk about the trends in accent lighting in the kitchen since that’s the fun stuff! Accent lighting includes pendants, chandeliers, and wall sconces that are incorporated into the kitchen scheme, helping bring the design together.

Clean and Simple

We have seen a steady trend towards a simpler, pared-down aesthetic and the lighting choices follow this trend as well. The farmhouse style is still one of the most popular looks amongst homeowners. In this style, the lighting has clean lines and even tends to lean towards a more industrial appearance.


Bright and Colorful

Many homeowners use the decorative lighting in their kitchen as a way to infuse a pop of color into their space. There are so many beautiful fixtures these days that are bright and cheery, pendants made of hand-blown glass that create a statement in one of the most used spaces in a home.


Glitz and Glam

Even though clean and simple kitchens are still on trend, we love it when our customers want a little sparkle and glam added to their kitchen. A large crystal chandelier hanging over a kitchen island makes the kitchen look beautiful and sophisticated!


Hidden Opportunity

We also want to remind everyone about the hidden opportunity for lighting in their kitchen...the wall! In some spaces, there are not many places to add decorative lighting and the wall can be the perfect spot to add a few sconces to help amp up the design in your kitchen.


Integrated Lighting

We can’t stress enough the importance of adding lighting to your cabinetry. Through the years, cabinet lighting has gone from a trend to a must in kitchen design. Adding lights to the interior of your glass front cabinets helps illuminate your beautiful display items while under cabinet lighting provides an additional layer of task lighting to your kitchen.


Always remember that the best lighting design is the one you love and works best for you. If you need help designing your kitchen, we've a free kitchen design service, where our team of expert designer will help you design your kitchen and provide 3d renderings and itemized quotes for kitchen cabinets.