Littman Brands - New Collections 2018 A Quick Look at Some New Families


You. That's who we try to think of writing our blog posts. What might inspire you? What challenge might you be facing in a project at home? What information about design or lighting could be illuminating and entertaining to you?

Every now and then, though, we have to talk squarely about us. See, we make a lot of product. Traditionally rolling out new lighting families for each January and June Lightovation market at the Dallas Market Center, we've now added spring and fall to that calendar with our new presence at High Point Market. With so many new fixtures, it's easy for some to slip between the cracks.

So, today, we wanted to talk just a bit about some of our new families, with your indulgence.  

If we take a look at the collection, you'll see a few overarching themes.

Flush mounts and lamps have become more prominent. "Crackle glass" has made a debut for us, and appears in both Hudson Valley Lighting and Mitzi by HVL pieces. Subtle Art Deco elements give greater decorative impact to pieces that are not meant to be center stage. New finishes like Gold Leaf are at play. 


As these close-up shots of Charles and Soriano show, crackle glass adds another textural element to a space as well as an intriguing contrast, its icy appearance around the warm look of an incandescent bulb a pleasing visual contradiction.

Flush mounts! We got 'em. In our new series, we have introduced several new flush mounts to the line that add dramatic interest or just the right subtle touch. A few of the keys here are slightly Art Deco details, the use of wonderful materials such as Spanish alabaster, and design that allows for more light to be cast through ventilations and the like.

Lighting's first priority is one of function. Flush mounts attempt to provide needed ambient light in spaces that may be liminal or low-ceilinged. At the same time, they have the responsibility to either contribute aesthetically to the room or adapt to their environment through quality and simplicity. 


While variations of brass, bronze, and nickel have been our wheelhouse, finish-wise, for years, we've decided to hand apply Gold Leaf on new fixtures like Green Point and Octavio (designed by Corey Damen Jenkins), and the results speak for themselves.

Allendale is here to illumine the rafters while you and your friends raise the roof. Available in one or two tiers, in a ring shape or a rectangle, in three different finishes, it's adaptable to a variety of settings. Taking a spartan classic shape and coating it in Aged Brass, this fixture achieves a rustic glam look. In dark Old Bronze, small spherical Aged Brass details add an attractive accent. 


Another element at play in some of our more recent fixtures is a careful use of layering. Sovereign casts a generously-sized linen shade around the light source, and then contains the whole thing in a cage-like metal frame, placed at a distance from this shade that makes the whole thing work. Achilles similarly squares a glass outer layer at a distance against a round diffuser in its center, offset by lovely metal accents. 


Most surprising about our new collection is the focus on lamps. Table and floor lamps have not been a big part of our offering in the past, but this year, we have introduced 18 lamps so far, 3 of which have been designed in partnership with Corey Damen Jenkins, and several of which introduce new colors, textures, and patterns. 

They fall generally into three camps:

  • those that are connected to pieces in larger families, continuing in our usual finishes, like Cyrus;
  • those that have very sculptural, heavy glass bases; and
  • those that are colorful and glazed and reference historical models. 

Naturally, there's a lot more, too. We haven't even touched on sconces. Check out our New Releases page or flip through the pages of our most recent online catalog here if you'd like to see all of our latest additions. Thanks for reading!

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